March Stogie of the Month (SotM) - Joya de Nicaragua


Brand history:

This brand was established in 1968 by a pair of Cuban exiles, J.F. Bermejo and Simon Camacho. It produced the first premium handmade cigars in Nicaragua. During the Nixon administration Joya de Nicaragua was designated the official cigar brand of the White House.  It would later survive a takeover by a dictator, being destroyed by fire during a revolution, nationalization, a U.S. embargo, civil war, and Hurricane Mitch.  

They say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but in this case it may have made the cigars stronger.  In 2001 the company released the Antaño 1970, a powerhouse smoke meant to commemorate the history of Nicaraguan cigars, in particular the original JdN blends.  To this day it remains a prime choice in the full-bodied cigar category.


Often mistakenly thought to be part of Drew Estate, Joya de Nicaragua is a separate company and is 100% Nicaraguan owned.   Juan Ignacio Martínez is Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua.  Dr. Alejandro Ernesto Martinez Cuenca serves as Chairman and CEO of the company.  Drew Estate is responsible for distribution in the United States.


Participation guidelines:

Smoke a Joya de Nicaragua cigar sometime during the month of March and reply to this post with your thoughts on the experience.  Have more than one JdN blend or vitola?  Smoke ‘em all and post your review here.  (This includes Cigar Safari cigars blended at JdN.)


Check back often to see what your fellow Fedheads think and reply to get the conversation going..


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Dogwatch radio turned me on to them.


It was the podcast that got me into podcasts, and kept me interested in cigars during "The Dark Times"(when I was broke in my early 20's).

Yeah, I didn't find a lot of online stores that I recognized selling them.

I was getting them off cbid last summer for around a buck a piece

Yeah, now that I look for them, it looks like they're probably discontinued.  In my 3 trips to the JdN factory, I've never seen or heard them mentioned, so I don't think they were making many of them.

I'm wondering if they may have sold  the brand to CI and they make them now.  

Only three more days for this one. Get in a few more and put up your thoughts on this thread. Don't forget to use the tag #March2017COTM to enter to win the prize pack.
I will announce April's Stogie of the Month on Saturday, April 1st.

Thanks for the responses.  I have posted the information for April's SOTM.  Check it out and start smoking 'em and sharing your experience.

Thanks to Tripp for the prize pack!

Oh man, those are good!



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