I received this magnificent gift from Crux Cigars this week!

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Nice, those humidors are bad ass.  Enjoy

Nice haul brotha!

My local B&M just got the whole line of Crux cigars in and I picked up most of them....

I know the Ninfa's are great but I am going to try the Passport next.

Good stuff

Thanks. The Passport does look like a beautiful cigar. Let us know what you think. I will probably smoke one of the Classics first because they sent two. The photos do not show it, but one Classic has a very dull, rustic wrapper and the other one has a very distinct oily sheen. They have similar coloring and veining. Just seemed a bit odd to me.

Free Crux Weekend does NOT mess around!

I did not win the Free Crux Weekend contest.

No? Wow. Someone thinks you're special!

No one I know that's still alive, except my mother. I don't know if that counts. lol

I have the same travel humidor. It is awesome and has been to India with me several times :)

It is really solid. You travel with boveda packs or use something else in it?

Yep. Just a Boveda pack on the bottom layer. Seems to do the trick. I can carry around six cigars and my cutter and lighter in it no problem. I love the fact it has the pressure release valve so after it has been all jarred around in my luggage after 24 hours of flights it is super easy to open.

A nice touch. They threw in a boveda pack in the bottom. I just wondered if that's how you travel. Thanks for the information.



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