Hey fellas,
I just got a fiver of MDT lonsdales in the mail, and my wife intercepted them. I am on a strict no-buy clause in our marital contract and she asked that I return them. I asked if I could give them away, since returning them isn't really an option.
So, without further ado, here is the giveaway:
List your top five category of smokes (ordered or not) and I will use a randomizer to pick the winner. Categories could be: maduros, habanos, from a particular brand, least favorite [careful], favorite brands, want to try, whatever...
Only one entry.
Must have at least five separate Cfed posts or comments in the last two months (except for Charlie, who is welcome to join in because I miss him). Meaning one conversation with five comments would count as one.
Ends Thursday at midnight central time.

I will start us off and best of luck to my fellow brethren.

Current top five want to smoke:
Phantom 2016
Casa Especiale (house smoke from Casa de Montecristo)
El Guëgüense lancero
H-Town Quesada España
H-Town Neanderthal OM

(And the good news is that once I can buy cigars again without giving them away, they'll probably all be available.)

Good luck!

For now.

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Thanks Sam, and thanks for the contest fun
Tripp, you are the winner! These five bad boys and three more will be coming your way, sir. Enjoy!

WHOA, I WON!?!  Awesome!  Thanks SAM!

You won, Tripp. You are very welcome and I'm glad you'll get to enjoy them. I'll get them out soon.
Rigged! Trent always wins. Lol
Haha, is that true? Pure luck, I promise.
I know Sam, just messin with you and Trent! Lol



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