So what's yalls view? Rather smoke in the comfort of your own home or in the social environment of your local cigar lounge

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I have a group of about 25 guys I regularly smoke with (that's the source of the name "The Cigarmy."  On any given night, 8-10 of us can be found on somebody's patio enjoying a smoke.  Our patios have become de facto lounges.  One advantage of Florida is that the weather is great for smoking year-round.  That being said, we also gather at Tampa  Humidor for hanging out with a stick or two.  Or three.  I like 'em both.

Remind me to hit you up next time I'm in Tampa haha

In my current apartment I choose not to smoke inside, so I tend to frequent the shoop I work at, or another area shop to enjoy a cigar with friends, or just strangers. 

My favorite part about the tobacco business is the customers! Always good people. Well almost always. haha 

Completely agree, I also work at a shop and the people really do make the environment!

I like smoking at home only because I can grab a snack, something to drink, etc...     Plus I am more comfortable here, even though I don't smoke inside.


I also like to be home in case my wife needs help with the baby, etc.    I do enjoy going to a good lounge though, don't get me wrong!  :-)

I live on a large pond and there is nothing watching the ducks fight while having a good smoke. is nice to socialize in the hazy goodness of a lounge if the mood strikes me.

I love both. Love having guy time at the local shop. Buts it always nice to sit outside and just enjoy the day at home

We still have smoke-friendly turf on the Ky. side of  the CincyTucky area. I like Beer Sellar (Newport) and the Mainstrasse neighborhood of Covington.

Smoking at home is nice because of the amenities (snacks, tv, etc), but I enjoy socializing over a cigar, and that's where the lounge comes in. And if you've got the right lounge, you needn't compromise.
Since I have to smoke outside I love a lounge when the humidity is just overbearing and when it's freezing out.

I don't smoke in the house either.  I prefer to smoke at my home on the porch/deck because I have everything there - cigars, food, drink, etc. - but sometimes its real nice to go to the local shop and hang out with the boys.  Especially in the winter.



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