Anyone up sizing their humidors and want to get rid of their current humidor? I'm looking for a 300 to 500 cigar humidor (preferably already seasoned) so I won't have to upgrade for a while. I'm willing to pay cash or PayPal for one if I like what you have. I'm not going to lowball you but I don't want to pay 200 when I can get a footlocker one on for that. If I have to go that route I will just prefer I don't have to. Hit me up if you're interested or know someone who is. Thanks CigFed friends and family.

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If you want that size, I'd honestly suggest a cooler. Much easier to maintain, and far more flexible. Anymore, I only use a humi for daily smokes. Anything even remotely long term, is in the cooler. My first cooler I started with held a few 100 sticks, and was dirt cheap.

Thanks Jay. Yeah that's what I decided on ultimately. I just ordered a 48 qt cooler and paid less than $30 for it shipped.

Yeah man... go with the cooler... 

I've got the Montegue end table cabinet and I love it, but I got with coolers on top of that... totally the way to go

Hey Rob where'd u get your Montegue if u don't mind me asking?
Found it in Craigslist... From a cigar standpoint it's the best thing I've ever purchased

Yea, I just started using a tupperador, but I may end up going with a cooler to condense my stuff.  Right now I have a large tupperador, a small one, a 50 ct desktop humidor and another desktop style that holds about 150.  Too much work, I consolidate and give someone the large humidor or just stop using it for now.  The small desktop would be great to toss sticks in on a monthly basis or something.  

Yeah i went wth a cooler but I am using 65%RH Heartfelt Industries humidifying beads. So far they work great!!!

Awesome!  I know several folks around here that swear by those.  I love the simplicity of Boveda packs, but I've had zero luck rejuvenating them and it adds up buying new ones.  

What these guys said... cooler is the way to go hands down. Requires little to no attention especially with bovedas. Switching to bovedas is the best decision I could have made cuz it's idiot/lazy proof. A Desktop humi or 2 for ready to smoke and cooler for everything else. I can't ever make up my mind so I have roughly 80-100 different cigars n my 2 desktop humi`s. when I get new cigars I throw 1 or 2 in a desktop and the remainder in the cooler

I use kitty litter (Esquisicat Crystals) and panty hose in my cooler. A few spritzes every so often, and it's a rock solid 68%.

Yeah i went wth using 65%RH Heartfelt Industries humidifying beads. So far they work great!!!

This is the way to go, at least its the way I go as well and I love it.



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