I haven't done a trade in a LOOOOOONG time... here are some sticks I am looking to acquire...

  • Tat TAA 2013
  • Tat TAA 2014
  • Fuente Casa Cuba "Pre-Release"
  • L'Atelier SS - any size
  • Camacho Ecuador
  • Camacho - any of the re-branded sticks
  • Viaje Satori - any year
  • Viaje Leaded
  • EPC 5th Anniversary
  • Quesada Oktoberfest 
  • La Boheme by Boutique Blends
  • Box of Pudgy Monsters - I will vastly overpay in trade... just sayin
  • Padilla Cava
  • AJF New World
  • My Father Connecticut
  • Ashton Symmetry

And I'm sure there are others... lemme know if you wanna trade... I have a ton of whatnot to send your way... and some XL Drew Estate shirts, if you're interested in those...

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Not sure the Ashton Symmetry has even been officially released yet.

I have a few of those - let me know if you can't find someone to trade.

Crap! The only thing I had on the list, the Tat TAA 2013, I already smoked :(

yeah, some of these may or may not be out yet... just stuff that I have seen around and want to try...

I just ordered the Tat TAA 2014 in a 5er (not yet received), my local shop has the box of Pudgy Monsters (stacks of them) but they are $100ea/no tax in Oregon though, and for the rest of them I am not a fan of (except for the Leaded and I only had one that Logan sent me last month but I smoked it).

I've got some TAT 2014 TAA. I also have access to most of this stuff at local shops, with the exception of the ashton, la boheme, and the fuente. I also have other stuff that is not on your list that you may be interested in: for example, the headley grange snare drum and the quesada 40th anniversary corona clasica.  

Let me know.

I'm down... I'm interested in all three... i'll send you a private message and we can work something out... thanks Bro!

Sent you a message.

also, small batch cigars has 41 boxes of the pudgy monsters in stock: http://smallbatchcigar.com/tatuaje-tatuajepudgymonstersboxof10-p-10...

90 bucks a box, and if you use coupon code 'rcigars' you'll get 10% off.

So, unless you are on a spending freeze, that might be better than vastly overpaying in a trade. 

ah, I might have to do that... not on a spending freeze, but I am running out of room, so I am more than happy to overpay in trade... 

J Shepherd Cigars in Ky has Pudgy on sale this week for $79 a box


Rob I can do the L'Atelier SS & Maybe a Viaje Leaded, let me know if interested.

let's do it... send me a PM



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