Hey members of Cig Fed, I wanted to start a discussion and ask the question "What are Your Top Three Smokes of All Time"?

I Would like to see what other cigar smoking professionals bring to the table and I will make the ones I have not smoked my new list of cigars to try.


I have had a considerable amount of smoke in my cigar career and the three sticks I seem to return to are as follows:

1. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro in a Masterpiece

Great Roll, Great Taste, and last long time. 

2. La Aurora 100 Años Preferido

This is a great stick with great flavor and balance.

3. The Ashton ESG 21 Year

This is an all around great cigar.


I would also put Opus X on the list but I can't for risk of being to Cliche.


Let me know what you think and what you like to smoke!

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Man, I been thinkin bout this for days...
Illusione CG4
Liga Privada T52
ROOM 101 Namakubi Roxxo
This is not fair, lol! Hadda struggle with the last choice..
I reserve the right to make changes and updates to this list as I see fit. :-)

I would have to say that the suggestions on this list are awesome! I think that if someone was wanting to get the insight on what cigars are "must smoke" cigars they could find a lot of them on this list...... keep um coming! 

1. Cohiba Esplendido

2. Montecristo #2

3. Padron 1926 #2 Belicoso


All great smokes indeed.

In no particular order, but all 3 are in the regular rotation.

La Aurora Cameroon robusto

Oliva Series V torpedo

Torano Exodus 1959 toro

Recent loves are Liga Privada Undercrown, and CAO Concert

Hello Gents,

I love to see the new additions to this list of "Must Smoke" cigars. I am going to have to make a revision to my list. I am going to have to add the EZRA ZION JAMAIS VU (Inception) on the list in the number one spot. I have Hemingway Maduros sitting in the humi and they have gone untouched since I got a box of Jamais Vu. I would give this cigar a rating of 97+. It fits the flavor profile I am looking for and simply put...... just taps the bean bag, if you know what I mean...

Let me know what you guys think of this smoke.



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