Hey members of Cig Fed, I wanted to start a discussion and ask the question "What are Your Top Three Smokes of All Time"?

I Would like to see what other cigar smoking professionals bring to the table and I will make the ones I have not smoked my new list of cigars to try.


I have had a considerable amount of smoke in my cigar career and the three sticks I seem to return to are as follows:

1. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro in a Masterpiece

Great Roll, Great Taste, and last long time. 

2. La Aurora 100 Años Preferido

This is a great stick with great flavor and balance.

3. The Ashton ESG 21 Year

This is an all around great cigar.


I would also put Opus X on the list but I can't for risk of being to Cliche.


Let me know what you think and what you like to smoke!

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I'm an admitted Fuente 'ho (witness my avatar), and there are probably at least three of their products I could put on the list - I notice 2 of your top three & the honorable mention are all made by the Fuentes :).  I'm not especially dedicated to the Opus for some reason, though.  I really enjoyed them in the '90s, but they seem to be drifting out of balance to me for the past several years, with strength overpowering the flavor.  I love the Anejos, the Don Carlos (#3 is probably my favorite of all time), and the lowly 858 maduro or sungrown.


All that being said, I'll just dedicate the top spot to some undefined Fuente cigar.  After that, I'd say my second and third spot would be given to something from My Father or Tatuaje (same mfr, of course).  A cigar that has crept into being a very favorite in a short period of time is the Casa Fernandez Arsenio.  I don't know what it is about that cigar, but it delivers flavors that remind me of cigars I used to smoke many years ago - they are "comfort cigars" for me.  I just discovered them within the past 6 months, but have fallen head over heels for them.


So, I guess now I'm rambling and haven't identified a clear top three.  They're like your kids - maybe I shouldn't openly pick a favorite :)

"What are Your Top Three Smokes of All Time"?

1.) Key West cigar: rolled locally , w/ sungrown wrapper. Taste as good as the A.Fuente Sungrowns

2) Kristoff Kristania: newest addition to the line. Med. to full flavor; nice creamy finish. great construction and burn.

3) Kinky Freeman Texas Jewboy; this was a surprise. Tried it as a hoot but these are as good as the big boys. Everyone should give them a try.Meduim body, well constucted and consistent.

Which Key West factory?  I make it down there once or twice a year, and always pick up a few from a couple of the local guys.
Last year, the place I used to buy them on Duval St. was closed. The cigar shop in Mallory Square had 1 bundle left; owner told me they had closed down the business. Have maybe two left in the humidor; holding out for special occasion.

1. Fuente Anjeo Shark

Perfect balance, fantastic shape, too bad they are a limited release.


2. Liga Privada #9 double toro

Long lasting smoke with a very toothy finish.


3. Illusione Mj12

Long complex smoke with hints of leather ceder, and a very nice creamy flavor


Still I think I have smoked way too many amazing sticks to really just limit it to three, but oh well!

@ Ryan im going to vegas this week ill have to go to Casa Fuente to pick up an anejo shark. Ive never had one before im prety sure ill enjoy it.

Great Smokes!

VENTURA, CA—Currently my taste buds likes (1) the Padron 1926 #80 Maduro, (2) Tatuaje 2009 La Verite and the (3) Padron 7000 Maduro (at the lower price range). I however have a store full of cigars and enjoy so many more smokes in the corse of a day and a week. . .taste buds change according to the time of day, what I've had to eat and drink and when I get a chance to relax.—Bob Gregorchuk, Smokers' Castle,

My top 3 cigars of all time in no particular order.
Camacho Corojo Scorpion
5 vegas Cask Strength
El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro

No. 1 is easy. Behike BHK 56. Best cigar I ever had.

No. 2 Padron No. 45. Delicious and always a perfect burn.

No. 3 H. Upmann No. 2

The three best cigars I ever smoked, in no particular order are:  An H.Upmann No. 2, a Trinidad Fundadore from 1998, and a Montecristo Edicion Limitada robusto from 2000 (?).  Obviously none of these are readily available,  I'd have a different list for the best three currently available, but I have to give that some thought....


Of all time is tough. My top 5 seem to change every month.

1 - montecristo #2 - the first Cuban I ever smoked and by far my overall #1

2 - Paul Garmarian Gourmet Connoisseur - He had some aged about 12 years in his shop one time. The cigar didn't ash until the end. It was incredible.

3 - #3 is a toss up...I'd probably have to say my favorite right now Room 101 Connecticut - I could easily smoke 5 of these a day.



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