I was at the shop last night and was looking though the latest issue of Cigar Press, and came across an advertisement for Lightning Air


The price isn't too terrible, but still a little high. I went onto Google and typed in lightning air to see if any cigar groups have discussed it....the 1st thing that popped up was Amazon of course that showed this:


For a much better price, I also seen the original LA with an initial $129 or something with an Amazon card and pay off the rest in 6 months or something.

Anyway, I do not smoke in my house, only in my garage or deck. I was looking at this for the garage for the winter, so I could keep the garage door down without the wife bitching about the smoke seeping into the house. I also have allergies, and this states it's ideal for people with allergies and what not.

Anyone have any experience with these? Is one better than the other?


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I purchased the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 and use it in my home office downstairs. I have found that if I leave it on all the time you can't smell the cigars at all outside of the room. I did try using the auto setting which has sensors that sense the smoke and turn it's self up. However I have found that does not suffice and you can smell the cigars outside of the room.

Thanks for the input Scott, my buddy has a Rabbit Air he uses it whenever we go over to herf. Personally I don't see a difference...it;s still smokey & still smells like smoke, and for what he paid, and what these go for.....I'm just not sure this would be ideal for me & my garage. 

He has it on his porch, which is probably enclosed in glass with a couch, a love  seat & recliner. I'm sure if it's just him in that small space it's fine, but get 3 or 4 of us in there and forget it.

I have a 2 car door garage, so it's a pretty big space.

From what I can tell, to really keep things moving, you need a combination of everything... exhaust fans, air cleaners, and then the ozone generator for afterwards. I have an excellent ozone sanitizer ( http://www.amazon.com/ForeverOzone-Bare-Bones-Ozone-Generator/dp/B0... ) (sorry that's a big link) that, combined with a box fan, or in my case, ceiling fans, has the room smelling like a storm in about 2 hours (1 hour on, 1 hour for the ozone to dissipate, it's bad for your lungs).  Like you said with your friend's Rabbit... it's great that it's cleaning things, but if you're not exhausting a big volume of air, you're relying on ONLY the air cleaner to do the job, and that usually doesn't work.  If you look at the best, least "smoky" lounges, they usually have massive exhaust and filter systems (the one at The Outlaw is amazing, 2 hours of hanging out and I won't smell like smoke). 

This is from a BOTL on a another board. I posted the same thing above, and he went to the Amazon link and bought it.....it arrived the next day!!!! 

Here is his review:

I ran it overnight with the O3 setting on medium (had my bedroom door closed) after a day of not only cigars but cooking a steak in a cast iron skillet and the fireplace, there was a marked difference in the morning, granted you can smell that 'hydrogen peroxide' smell but it's a clean smell compared to all the smoke from the night before. 

I like that you can run the 03 and Purification separate, that being you can run it just for dust and pollutants in the air without cranking up the 03. 

So far so good and for the price (saving 50%) it's hard to complain, I'd say it pasted the first test with flying colors. 

Looks I will be going this route after reading his review.

I installed insulation on my garage door yesterday and had a couple of friends over to bust the cherry on the man cave. Had the door cracked since it was 65 out yesterday, but as the night came it dipped and we got cold, so I turned on the heater and closed the door.

Eventually I turned off the heat and was fairly comfortable in there. The smoke did linger of course......so I need to get off my butt and get this.

Had to open the garage last night after everyone left, and this morning for a bit to get rid of the smell.

This has me excited though.

I'm with Jared on this one... I smoke in my office all the time.  I to all the basic stuff like keep the windows and door open with a standing fan blowing out the door and a small box fan blowing out the window.  That keeps things moving so it's mainly for my comfort while smoking since it still smells like smoke afterward...  I picked up a small )-Zone thingy and put it on blast at night... I'll go out in the AM, turn it off and open all the doors and windows so it can air our for about 20 min... then BOOM, i walk in and it smells like radio shack... I'll have to find a link to the O-Zone deal I have... it looks like something you'd plug-in in a baby's room, but obviously you don't want to do that...

Interesting Rob/Jared, but with no windows and only a garage door to crack that's not really going to help I don't think.

I talked to the guy again from the other board...he ordered the one from Amazon, not the LA, and said it also will be good for 3,500 sq feet.

I again tested my insulation and garage last night, had 3 cigarette smokers over and me with a cigar. Door closed  room filled with smoke.......cracked the garage door and got cold pretty quick, but I remembered that my heater has a fan function....turned it on and it helped get rid of the smoke pretty quickly.....closed garage and turned heat back on.

I need that smoke eater....maybe by next Tuesday I can order it.

Curious to see how it works for you, Mickey. Especially since I smoke in the garage too. I might try that insulation on the door also, even though I'm renting.

Insulation really helps.

I got lucky too. Went to Menards said it was on sale for $61 each...I needed two, since only 1 kit covers one door. 

Well I get to the cashier, I watcher scan BOTH boxes, and she says $82 something......I said "NICE!" She said "Was that was you were expecting to pay?" I said a resounding "YES!" grabbed the receipt from her and walked briskly to my car.

So, go to Menards in Camby, Indiana.....worth the drive for savings Doug.

I received the smoke eater yesterday, I didn't have time to smoke last night, but I did set it up and put it in the man cave while the wife smoked her cigarette.

When she came inside I asked her if it worked, she said yes, but it stinks....So I went out there and it did smell, but not a bad smell just like an overpowering "clean" smell, so I turned it down & off. I hope to get to use it Saturday night or sometime Sunday.



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