FedHeads, I'm kind of excited. My cigar lacking city of South Bend may have been given a little shot in the arm!
This is not a cigar town. There are no good places to get cigars, no cigar lounges. There is a huka friendly bar downtown we go once in a while to fire up that's not bad. We have one small store, a Tinder Box. And I'm guessing possibly like your Tinder Box, it's geared toward the "regulars" or the "oldies". It's always stocked with the same Sherman's, Padrons, Fuentes, Romeos, which are all good, but you get the idea.
There is a liqueur store we have that is pretty good in town, great whiskeys and beer selection. It has had a nasty walk in humi that has all of the regulars, but with an extra side of stink or mold. I stopped looking in there years ago, and rarely go to that side of town.
Yesterday we popped in as we were headed somewhere else , just to check for new brews or liquers. We grabbed a few brews and before check out decided to see if that nasty walk in was still nasty. To my surprise it had been revamped and actually smelled good. As I start poking around I find it has a pretty good modern selection, Tatuaje, Monters, Crowned Heads, Las Calaveras, Crux, Oktoberfest, even Lanceros-they had Lanceros! Good ones too, even a Padron Aniv Series Lancero, I didn't know there was such a thing. They also sell some boxes and a few boxed sampler packs, while decently priced.
Talking to the employees I learn a new guy (Kyle) has taken it over and has put a lot of work and effort into the walkin. This is kind of exciting for us, these are items we just can't get in our region.
I'm hoping to catch this Kyle sometime and give him some props. Aside from you guys, other online forums and peeps I turn on to cigars, there's really no one for me to chat smokes with.

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That's great news bro!! Excited for you.
Thanks KY, it's not a place to fill your humi up with, but if I want something good now, I can just drive 5 minutes and get it. Something new for us.
Nice! If you've never taken the time to do so, drive up to Smokes on Burdick in Kalamazoo. That place has everything!
Also, had no idea you were in South Bend. We lived up in Grand Rapids for a few years, and one of my best friends was in a little town 20 miles or so south of Mishawaka. He is now over in Warsaw.
No S### Stefan, we can't wait to get to Grand Rapids. We love the brews and breweries. We almost went to Kalamazoo next wknd but doing Ann Arbor Oktoberfest instead. We've been up to Bells, but Founders and the others there are on our list. I've heard of Burdicks, will hit it next time.
Spent a lot of time at founders and at brewery vivant. Burdicks has a great humidor and really good prices. He gets a ton of DE liga.



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