So... what's happening? Is he going along with Torano?

Edit: there's been on and off conversation in the chat, so I wanted to post this up

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This smells of the small guys attempting to avoid the fallout of any fda regulation, as Coop pointed out with respect to General's acquisition of Torano

No he's not going with Torano he is going to be a blender for General now. The Leccia line is going to be a part of Foundry and he will be working along side of those guys (goofballs). No one from Torano is going to General (they are all out jobs) they just bought the rights to the brand, blends, ect.

Leccia line will be the same but any additional blends will be created at General/Foundry......lots more to this story.

sounds like they changed the "Foundry will be shut down after this year" thing...

That's what Jared and I were saying earlier..

This Torano thing is definitely the biggest shake-up we've seen in a while.

Rob, I heard the same thing from Foundry, but I found it ironic they launched a regular production cigar in Chilin Moose (the value priced cigar), so that was an immediate red flag when they talked about "ending Foundry".  Then from listening to Michael, it seemed as though the whole history / science / science fiction theme of Foundry was going away and not the brand.

General put too much time and resource into Foundry to implode it after three years.  I do see a re-tooling of it.  I believe they might make this General's version of Camacho with their own spin on "Board of the Bold" - namely Giannini, Leccia, and possibly someone else.

Even charlie himself?

No one from the Torano company - no one - was included in the buyout.

and down hill goes the Leccia brand

A bit early to make that claim (though many have), but I'd like to think Sam would be protective of his brand.

we shall see.  So far everything General has touched hasn't been for the better.  IMHO of course.



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