Launching a new Cigar premium cigar company called Vivonté, seeking feedback on logo designs

Hi everyone,

I was sent here by catfish and am launching a new cigar company with my father in the Dominican Republic. I am currently looking for your feedback on a logo design that I am looking to have completed this week. I used a website called 99designs to have multiple designers submit their ideas and have selected the finalists. I would appreciate your feedback and look forward to interacting with all of you as I launch the company. Once everything is good to go I hope to send you samples of the Cigars.

A little about the name. It is derived from the saying Bon Vivant which means those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Please visit this link to vote:



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I asked these questions in chat, but in case you don't see them:

  • how is that Andullo tobacco? I haven't smoked much of it, but I didn't love my experience with it

  • Are all your cigars the same blend with different wrappers?

Hi Matt,

I replied to the chat, but it would probably be easier for me to retype it here.

Our Andullo is very slight, we simply put just a small layer in the centre of the cigar. Lots of people say it adds a nice leathery taste to our natural blend that isn't over powering.

The blend within the cigars is in fact different, for examples the maduro's are made with a stronger filler and binder than the corona. However, across the sizes it is the same blend.

Cheers Matt, and would love to have you try our cigars!

I was wondering about you! So glad you finally made it! I wish you guys all the success and I hope to try your cigars out soon! I'm checking out your website now...I'm sure you will get a review from whoever you send cigars to!

Congrats brother! This sounds exciting for you and your father, I know I would be excited to take on such a venture. Much success to you guys both in coming up with some great blends as well as support from the community and financially to fuel your interest. Congrats Again!

Great looking website. I agree with Mickey -- would be great to hear about the company in an interview on Cigar Chat. 

Best wishes for continued success building your company. 

I just checked out your website and you guys did a great job on the boxes with that Boveda slot in the top of the box...very classy/beautiful. I'm curious about that Andullo tobacco, the cigars I have smoked that had Andullo filler didn't hit my palate right...I'm a huge H2000 fan though!

Hey Charlie, really appreciate your positive comments. It was a lot of work and continues to be as I now venture on finding the second seed of capital for the company to continue expansion of our passion.

As I mentioned to Matt, we really tried to limit the exposure and find that our Andullo blend adds a nice leathery taste to the cigar but doesn't over power like a lot of others on the market. We also age the tobacco a minimum of two years whcih is really important with Andullo!

I personally am a big fan of our Maduro and feel it is our best cigar, but everyone's palates are drastically different. We did have the privilege of having Manuel Quesada try our blends and he just loved them so that was positive!!

I remember voting on this logo but I dont remember if it made it.

Good luck sir, site looks great. Big connie fan so that Suave Selection looks super tempting


I will be putting up boxes of 12 and the build your own sampler packs here shortly!



Sampler packs are the way to go, win - win for everyone.

Cigar Chat would be cool!



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