Launching a new Cigar premium cigar company called Vivonté, seeking feedback on logo designs

Hi everyone,

I was sent here by catfish and am launching a new cigar company with my father in the Dominican Republic. I am currently looking for your feedback on a logo design that I am looking to have completed this week. I used a website called 99designs to have multiple designers submit their ideas and have selected the finalists. I would appreciate your feedback and look forward to interacting with all of you as I launch the company. Once everything is good to go I hope to send you samples of the Cigars.

A little about the name. It is derived from the saying Bon Vivant which means those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Please visit this link to vote:



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Hi Kip,

I used to live down in Dominican, in Puerto Plata, about 1.5 hours from Santiago. My dad lives there though and has been there for 10 years. I can definitely provide you his details and he allows enjoys meeting people that have just moved. How come you are moving to Santiago? I can also arrange for you to see the factory when you get there.



My family is partnering up with Project Mañana as missionaries (PM is an organization founded by former Cigar Rights of America membership director Brian Berman; last year, Cigar Federation did a fundraiser raffle for them).

I plan on continuing with my cigar blog (The Cigarmy).  As long as internet connection permits, we'll also continue doing the podcast (Half Ashed).  I would love to visit your factory, and do a profile/spotlight kind of article if you'd like...

I haven't voted, but I'll say the 2 in the middle remind me of Emilio Cigars logo... same colors and feel...

I will check out that logo. Thanks Robby

I voted all of them in order I preferred with #350 being my favorite.

Hey Matt,

That looks to be the one we picked as well. Thanks for the input.



Thanks all. It has been decided number #350 will be our logo for the new company. I have other great news as I also secured our final requirement for funding today as well so the company is 100% moving forward. I look forward to producing a very high quality Cigar and sending it to you all for testing.



Glad to help Sterling.  Stick around, tons of extremely knowledgeable folks form the industry hang out here, as well as tons of normal every day smokers that just enjoy the leaf.  We pride ourselves on being the best cigar community online. 

Ohhhhhhh shit... You just awoke all the weasels here on this site with that last line... The weasels here will put you out of business!!! Hahahaha Just kidding!

Welcome Sterling. This is a fantastic interactive website with a fountain of knowledge and diversity in tastes. Much luck with your launch.

Hey everyone,

Well it has been a longtime coming since my last communication with all of you, but after almost a year I finally have everything launched in the Dominican. I have the factory, restaurant and lounge all up and running as well as the complete website branded with the logo you helped pick out. Please check out: and let me know your feedback. I am going to be sending a few samples to people randomly from Cigar Federation so please respond to be entered!




Vivonté Cigars

Very nice and clean looking site, and easy to navigate, would like to learn more about the company Sterling....maybe you could schedule a Cigar Chat with Robby, Logan, John or Matt.

Good luck with the company and lounge.



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