Launching a new Cigar premium cigar company called Vivonté, seeking feedback on logo designs

Hi everyone,

I was sent here by catfish and am launching a new cigar company with my father in the Dominican Republic. I am currently looking for your feedback on a logo design that I am looking to have completed this week. I used a website called 99designs to have multiple designers submit their ideas and have selected the finalists. I would appreciate your feedback and look forward to interacting with all of you as I launch the company. Once everything is good to go I hope to send you samples of the Cigars.

A little about the name. It is derived from the saying Bon Vivant which means those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Please visit this link to vote:



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Funny, I like the one no one else likes lol.  Good luck brother, and glad to see you here

Voted, some great designs Fish is a good dude. Welcome aboard 

Appreciate it!

Hey, welcome. Good luck with the company. If you want opinions, then you came to the right place!

Thanks Davem I look forward to them good or bad :).

Voted for my faves. Welcome aboard, Catfish brought you to the right place. Best of luck with the new company. Look forward to seeing and trying the finished products one day.

Thanks Craig, I look forward to sharing the product with you.



First of all I think that your bands should be on a paper such as the bands that Drew Estate uses in the Liga Privada lines. I love the feel of the paper band that isn't super shiny. And something that has a personal touch, such as maybe you and your fathers signature on the bands (this is all my opinion/what I like in a band or design).
And finally a color that goes well and blends with the color of the wrapper, really makes the cigar and band "pop".  

Thanks Charlie, appreciate the feedback!



#277 looks to much like Callaway Golf Logo ripoff.

#347 looks like Victor Vitale's "V" logo

The other two in the middle Id say.

Not a fan of #369

Thanks for the feedback! We had a really good response for #350, so I think we will go with that one!



I think I lean toward #350 by zainna, but honestly I think the #347 by Nahlino is the most viable commercially.  It lends itself well to wider use as a standalone logo in marketing materials than the simpler, less clear leaves of #350.  That'd be my vote, anyway.

PS - Do you live in the DR?  I'm moving down to Santiago around the end of the year.



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