These arrived on Monday

2015 Cohete

Went to an event last night and picked these up 

These showed up this week

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Thanks....I bought them blind, but i'm excited for them after they have rested from their journey 

The Perlas is my favorite from the RG line.

Those HU Connie A's are awesome! I see those H-Towns..those are fantastic! Are those 898s?

I swooped up a 5er of some OR Cain F Lanceros...I had to find some because I smoked my last one and it blew my mind!

They are actually Lusi's from 07'

Nice! Everything Partagas does great with age...

dude, you went NUTS this weekend.

Yeah, been sacrificing on other things for this past weekend, but that's ok...i'm well stocked up now on smokes and booze for the spring/summer.



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