These arrived on Monday

2015 Cohete

Went to an event last night and picked these up 

These showed up this week

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Is the cohete still a store exclusive for Tower in Sacramento? Or did you pick them up somewhere else. I had several from the 2013 batch that I grabbed on a visit to Sacramento, and thought they were great. 

Yeah Stefan, still an exclusive as far as I know

Nice...I still need to try the production version of the HR - really enjoyed the pre-release sample I had.

These really surprised me how robust they are. I got for with my event purchase, and I HAD to buy 2 more.....they go against my "nothing over $15 price point", but totally worth it. 

Tat broought those back for 2015? I love that size ....those smokes look like they are dripping with oil!  I need to scout those out...I see there is a box of the OR for sale on ebay that is in the $400+ range. I want to hear your thoughts on the HR, let me know if you think they are worth the steep price? I really like them but for the price I would snag up a Padron (imho).

Not worth the $27  price I paid, but for $17 I would buy again

How much was shipping on those Tats? Thanks for the heads up...I'm going to snap a 5er up!

2015 Cohete Were $48 and some change shipped

Oh so shipping is included? 

Well for me it was 

nice scores

You hit up the event at Blend for those HRs?  



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