***I posted this a few days ago but left it uploading on accident.***

KY70 answered an ISO post I put up last week for the new Illusione and delivered in spades. He promised to send to, and of course added a few body guards I've never had.  The only problem, no return address...  

  ***Paging MFCEO***

***Paging MFCEO***

***Paging MFCEO***

***Paging MFCEO***

***We need an address check on aisle three***

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Glad you got em bro! No return fire...that would make it a trade. Hope you enjoy em bro!
Nice, I just picked up some Fume Laguna's, I keep buying them and they keep disapearing. These are spicy little buggers for not having any ligero in the blend, from looking at the foot there seems to be some pretty thick black leaf in the filler ;-)
You should have the package I sent you today Catfish...keep your eye out! Hope your mouth gets better soon brother, you need to smoke one of those Fume's and the Don Reynaldo I sent you!
I had the fume as my last smoke before I went under... It was very tasty, great change in the middle.

I will review the don Reynaldo when I get better. I'm stoked to get this Kafie as well as I have heard great things about this brand.



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