Came across this review from John:

It got me thinking, and I have thought about this many times, but I always go back to what I know....not that it doesn't work, but I am just comfortable with it, but I am always looking to better my beauties.

So, raise your hands if you have a "set it & forget" system

....if you do, do you love it? Hate it? Not worth the $? Tell me.....sell it to me like Leo asks "Sell me this Pen"


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I feel like that's leaving to much outside of my control. I think an Oasis system is as far as I'd go. I always want to keep some semblance of control over my stuff.

I just upgraded from a Cigar Oasis Plus to a CO Magna.  So far, it's working pretty well for me.  The tank is huge, and you can buy an even bigger one if you need.   The tank is 'sealed' with a little plastic flaps on one side, and the other side has 3 fans that push air out through the flaps when it kicks on.  When it's not running actively, there are 2 circulation fans that run.  The hygrometer is remote, so I have the CO in the bottom of my humi, the remote in the middle, and the circulation fans on the top shelf.  Currently, it's holding steady at 62%, and slowly raising towards the setting of 65%.

Also, I got an open-box model from amazon for $125. 

I have a "set it and forget it" system, in that my stuff is divvied out into wooden cigar boxes (10 for $20 at Cigars Int, for those who don't have a nearby B&M to scavenge from), then those boxes are stored in a Coleman cooler with a full pound of Heartfelt 65% beads.  Since I moved to cooler from my crazy attempt at a gun-cabinet conversion, my digital hygro camps out at 66%.  Even when I pulled them out for rotation a couple weeks ago, and they were out for about an hour, the whole setup rebounded to 66% by morning.  The beads, the boxes, and the sticks are all doing their job very nicely.  I've added dribbles of distilled water to my beads maybe once every month or two. It is extremely low maintenance.

BOVEDA for smaller 300ct or under and my wineador has a built in system...I prefer Boveda though.

I have the "Tower Of Power" Charlie, Boveda's could get expensive, so a one time chunk of $300 and done or bovedas every 6 months?

Yeah, the Tower wouldn't work well with Boveda... you'd need like $100 in bovedas at a time

Yeah....see it's a no brainer  Avallo "set It & Forget" system here I come.....maybe a bday present to myself.

Yea not for a tower...but a CO

What makes me sad is the new version of the Remington pretty much fixes every gripe I had. New lighting system, fan at the top of the unit to distribute air. Plastic water bin at the bottom. De-humidification.

Well yours sure is pretty



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