Hi Everyone!

Just joined the Fed this week and I'm excited to check out some cigar chats and join the conversation. Wanted to do a quick intro. I've been a cigar enthusiast for about nine years. Total maduro hound (La Historia & AFR-75 are favs right now) but I've been sampling more natural/habano lately..it's hard not to with the explosion of nica puros over the last few years. A good 'ol Partagas Black is still one of my go-tos though. Looking forward to picking up some new favs from you all! 

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Welcome to the Federation, Jeff!  Check out Sharing Our Pairings in just a few minutes.  It's always a good time.

Welcome, Jeff!

Welcome aboard, Jeff!

Welcome enjoy the ride

Welcome to the Fed, Jeff - glad to have you onboard!  Where you from?

Thanks Matt! I am from upstate NY. Been in the area my whole life and I live right near Albany now. Typically right about now I'm dying for more than 20mins of outdoor smoke time but this has been a mild winter! I get to travel for work once every couple months to Atlanta and man, do I wish NY had the same indoor smoking laws for bars. Go figure, where it's always warm enough to smoke outside they let you do it indoors. Appreciate the welcome!



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