Nomad Cigar Co.

This company was founded in January of 2012 by Fred Rewey, who is very active on social media.  Nomad was the first cigar company to put their Twitter account (@Godfadr) on the cigar band. Their website is at


You can watch the 2016 IPCPR Nomad Cigars interview here

and the latest Cigar Chat featuring Nomad Cigars here.


Seeing how popular Nomad cigars are on Cigar Federation, this is one of those brands that I can hardly believe has not already been featured as Stogie of the Month.  (There is another in the same class, but we’ll get to that one later this year when it is featured.)


You know the drill, smoke as many Nomad cigars as you can this month and post up pics and a short (or not) review as a response to this message.  SotM is all about discovering new brands and blends so help out our brothers and sisters by pointing them at some of your favorite Nomad cigars.


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Thanks for the post, Jeff!  Sounds like flavor combinations that I would like.



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