Nomad Cigar Co.

This company was founded in January of 2012 by Fred Rewey, who is very active on social media.  Nomad was the first cigar company to put their Twitter account (@Godfadr) on the cigar band. Their website is at


You can watch the 2016 IPCPR Nomad Cigars interview here

and the latest Cigar Chat featuring Nomad Cigars here.


Seeing how popular Nomad cigars are on Cigar Federation, this is one of those brands that I can hardly believe has not already been featured as Stogie of the Month.  (There is another in the same class, but we’ll get to that one later this year when it is featured.)


You know the drill, smoke as many Nomad cigars as you can this month and post up pics and a short (or not) review as a response to this message.  SotM is all about discovering new brands and blends so help out our brothers and sisters by pointing them at some of your favorite Nomad cigars.


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Nice. A SotM that is available around here. I'll be down at the Leaf smoking a Nomad this month.

Yes! Excellent choice. I will light a couple up!
Would anyone be up for a trade? I'm looking for Martial Law and Lot 8613s. I'm really, really supposed to not be buying anymore, but I can trade like the dickens.

I'll check out the Leaf tomorrow see what they got. Was going to go pick up a few Nomad anyway and I hear Fred is stopping by.

Jason, I can send bodyguards along with the beer and bbq sauce (which WILL go out Friday). I just can't send money, so no worries if that doesn't work. Let me know, brother.
Saturday the Leaf is having 25% off Nomad while Fred and the cigar crawl are in .
That sell might be boxes only . Don't think I'll be buying a whole box if that's the case. I'll know more Saturday.
For sure, Jason. No worries, and thanks for scouting it out!

I only have one left, and I'm not sure I'm willing to fire it up just for you guys :P

1386 from the desktop humi of the GodFadr himself.  Dunno. You're likely not that special.

Meh, burn it down. :-)

Fred hooked me up last week with a Martial Law and Therapy Conn. both were tasty smokes. Then I bought a couple from the shop, Lot 8613 and C - 276. Really liked those also. Waiting for the shop to get some boxes in this week.

SOTM: Nomad S-307 corona gorda

This was a nice Sumatra wrapped entry. Medium strength and body, with just a small amount of spice lurking in the background throughout the smoke. It wasn't the most complex but flavors were very pleasant. Some sweetness, lots of dried cherry and occasional nuttiness. Construction, draw, and smoke production were all excellent. At a very reasonable price, it's worth having a few on hand for sure. 



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