I made an account in June, but have never properly introduced myself. I am a long time CigarFed shopper, and a long time smoker. I currently work as a cigar consultant, after doing Fire & Flood Restoration for approx. 9 years. I switched careers because I love cigars and wanted to be in the industry in some form or fashion. Sorry if it sounds cliché or corny, but it was a dream of mine and I am currently living it. Retail is a hard gig at times, and would love to be a rep at some point. Tho I like the shop I work at, and am very happy.

Cigar Federation has been good to me over the years, and I have been a huge fan. I joined as I wanted in on the fun, and you can expect to see me much more often. I am looking forward to the CH Chat tonight, and will be tuning in w/ a good cigar. CYOP is a great slogan, and Huber a great guy (I have spoken with him a few times, and he has been awesome).

I have 2 step kids and a soon to be wife. I live in a condo just outside of Chicago, and am keeping it smokey, while keeping my humidors & overflow filled...

Thanks for reading!! Much Love FedHeads!!

(BTW, the Viaje FedHead was incredible, much better than the Dojo Nation cigar... sorry Dojo) ;)

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Welcome aboard Robert.  Nice to meet you.  I'm also in Chicago

Hey Robert! Glad your finally getting active around here! Hope to see you around, great people/knowledge...lots of Chicago folks on CFed as well...

Welcome Bro!


Thanks brothers, I truly appreciate the warm welcome!! Glad to be here. :)



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