Since they started to arrive at my local stores, I have become a Jericho Hill fiend. I absolutely love this cigar. I've had 2 each of the 44s and OBS, and 4 of the LBV. Tonight is the 3rd OBS, which is the 4.75 x 52. My favorite size thus far is the LBV, which is 6.5 x 46. Curious to know if I'm the only one that really digs this cigar. 

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just finished another one this morning...look at that ash!

Thats the way mine looked last night!

Great review, I know where my September cigar budget is going.


Smoked my first Jericho Hill OBS today. The Las Calaveras was a good cigar but this one has a little more to offer. The flavors are more distinct and enjoyable IMHO. The middle portion of the cigar had a little ammonia taste but the final third finished with a flourish, sweet but not overpowering. I think this cigar will be better served in a smaller ring gauge and with a little aging. I'll need to smoke the 44s and the LBV. At this point, only one cigar, I would still go with the HG Estupendo and CG and the Four Kicks as my favorite Crowned Heads.

I'm in love with this cigar as well.  Ive had the 44s and the Willy Lee.  The 44s seems a bit more concentrated with flavors where the Willy Lee is a bit more balanced all around.  Box Worthy!



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