Since they started to arrive at my local stores, I have become a Jericho Hill fiend. I absolutely love this cigar. I've had 2 each of the 44s and OBS, and 4 of the LBV. Tonight is the 3rd OBS, which is the 4.75 x 52. My favorite size thus far is the LBV, which is 6.5 x 46. Curious to know if I'm the only one that really digs this cigar. 

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I have one OBV that I will smoke this weekend. They have those and the bigger ones at Tuttle's. I wanted the 44s or the OBS but those sold out in Detroit in 2 days. I hope this cigar is more impressive than the LasCalaveras.

I wasn't overly impressed with the Las Calaveras either... I thought maybe I was the only one, and it was just my lame-ass inexperienced palate.

I think it is the best cigar, other than maybe the Mule Kick and Drumstick Crowned Heads has done to date.

Never had a mule kick but I agree that it is up there with drumstick and snaredrum

I will be smoking the .44S tomorrow so I will let you know...I can tell you for sure that they got a beautiful Mexican wrapper for this line. In my cigar dossier I have reviewed 5 different cigars with all San Andreas wrappers and the Jericho has the nicest one by far. Will let you know what I think about them tomorrow (I am not a My Father fan but I have only heard good things).

I have smoked less and less My Father stuff the last couple of years, though I enjoy the original line (esp. the lancero) and the le bijou petite robusto. The la antiguedad was meh, and the new conny was ok. But the Jericho Hill is a different story, at least in my opinion. For me it is box worthy. 

Yea I love the box pressed corona size and if I want to smoke anything 52+rg I would prefer it to be box pressed. My local shop just got them in and I grabbed the corona and robusto because everyone has been saying how good they are, like a "candy bar" cigar. I do like all the sizes in the line aswell, hope thy do a Jericho drumstick ;)

Tonight I will be smoking the .44S and I will post on this discussion my tasting thoughts, this is my first Jericho so I am pretty excited knowing that 3 cigar blogs say that this line is in their running for cigar of the year/best new cigar.

I don't know if its CotY for me - some others meet that criteria in my book - but it is definitely my favorite Crowned Heads.  I'm also a big My Father fan - I know you are not

We'll see tonight...

So I just smoked my first Jericho Hill (.44S) and I have to start by saying that in the first 1/3 I was a little worried that it wasn't going to be the cigar everyone was saying it was. It started with mainly bitter coco and raw spice. Once the cigar hit the 2/3 it exploded with flavor/complexity and became a chocolate bomb with nutty flavors, San Andreas sweetness, chared meat, and a great black pepper retro. The cigar did have wonderful construction with a perfect draw, good burn in second half (quite fast but cool in temp.) and a great ash that held for 2in. I think that next time I will grab a OBS as I only got 45min out of the corona. I thought it was another mid 80 My Father cigar until I reached the second half of this medium-full body flavor bomb and realized it is a solid 90 cigar that I will return to very soon.

I love this damn cigar! Def the best in the CH line up. I ordered a 10pk of the OBS and another 5er 2 of the LBV and 2 more OBS's.

I smoked one of the LBV's, can't wait to try the OBS, but so far I see 2 box purchases in my future.



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