ISO: A Couple BLTC Bishops Blend & My Father Talavera CG

Here's to hoping. If you can part with a couple or more and are willing to work something out it'd be very much appreciated. I didn't hear much on the Talavera after it's release and finally getting around to trying the Corona Extra and I thought it was a pretty damn good smoke.

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I have a talavera... email me

You should have some luck, because I am sure a couple folks picked up a decent amount of those Bishop's Blend.  I only picked up a five'r myself, and have been kicking myself for not getting more.  I haven't seen the My Father though, that's a new one to me.

Another thing is to pm James Brown via FB, I'm sure he could point you in the right direction to some.....he seems like he's always on FB

Things didn't work out so still ISO the both of these.

sent you a message, Garron

Sorry it took this long to post up however it is much appreciated! Thank you Stefan!

Nice work Stefan! Enjoy em G



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