We're two weeks away from a huge pipe and cigar event in Las Vegas. This year we're going to be bringing our A+ game and we want you to be a part of it.

This is your chance for us to ask your question(s) during our video coverage. Try to keep the question non-manufacturer specific, as we will be interviewing hundreds and hundreds of manufacturer's.

The best questions will be picked, and we'll give a shout out to that person when asking it!

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1. "How long has it been since you slept?"

2. "What is the most notable thing that has happened to you since you got to Las Vegas?"

3. "What was the last cigar you smoked?"

4. "What was the first cigar you smoked today?"

How much of an impact does IPCPR have on sales compared to other outlets? (internet, other shows, etc.)

No questions but I hope to run into you guys though.
Will the FDA be there to field questions and get their a**** kicked?

keep em comin

For those that have multiple new releases (so everyone): If I (an experienced cigar consumer) could only smoke one of your new offerings, which one would you recommend as an absolute must-try and why? "All of them" is not an answer!

(1) What is the best cigar you've smoked this week (besides your own)? 

(2) Best part of being at IPCPR? 

(3) Worst part of being at IPCPR?

(4) In a game of 1-1 basketball, who wins: Willy Herrera or Omar de Frias?

At the end of the day a cigar is a luxury product. With all of the new releases (and current releases) why should I choose a particular cigar over any other?



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