So, my wife's birthday is in just over a week, and she told me she wanted an iPad or a tablet.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm kind-of a computer guy, and I'm very much not an Apple guy.  I have an iPhone (as does my wife), but its the only Apple product I've ever owned.  The first computer I ever had was an IBM PC Original, and I just can't make the transition to Apple (I think they're overpriced hype machines).

Anyway, I'm deciding which to get her (and which laptop to get her if I go that route).  For the most part, she just wants something for internet and to play stupid Candy Crush-like games on, so the iPad should be perfect, but she already has an iPhone and I just cannot grasp the need to have an iPad if you have an iPhone (but maybe that's my anti-Apple sentiment).

So, give me some feedback.  Should I buy her an iPad, or get a cheap laptop? And, if laptop, which one (I guess the same question for iPad since I know nothing about them)?

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On the other hand, since she DOES has an iPhone, her account would like to both, so her music, videos, apps, etc, will all be interchangeable.

Why does it have to be one or the other? There are plenty of non Apple tablets that are great, even some of the convertible tablets like the Asus Transformer or if you are not an Android fan the Microsoft slate. Be good to have the option to be able to detach the keyboard when not needed

I would say a tablet, but I would get a computer. The reason I say this is that you are going to take photos of the baby and so on, so it would be nice to have a laptop for that. I wouldn't get Windows 8 at all.

You can connect your camera direct to your ipad. I do it when I am out on shoots. I prefer the ipad, because it is nice and compact. Jared makes a good point where everything would be linked. If she is just doing the internet and games then no need for a whole laptop. But if she would like to watch dvds then no ipad. It really just comes down which she would prefer.

I think I'd like the ability for her to use this to write documents if she decides to go back to school or needs to update resumes, but the majority of use would probably be internet surfing and the such.

Does anyone have any suggestions in the sub-$500 range? I could be persuaded to get a laptop or tablet if I could connect the tablet to a printer or keyboard if necessary. 

Pretty sure most tablets can connect, but you would need a wireless printer. They ish will cost you a decent amount for a good one. I will just leave this here for you guys. I print to my work printer from my phone all the time. 



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