If you haven't seen it check out Cigar Coop's article about the new CigFed Store exclusive with Black Label Trading Company.



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Congrats sir this is awesome, of course it has three ligeros Logan

Dude, this sounds awesome.  Sounds like it might be tough to get a hold of...

Crossing my fingers in hopes on getting in on this!

Habano wrapper and binder?  Sounds good to me.

Damn that sounds nice! Now to get this or more RoMa Craft El Catador de Las Petite Coronas....
Hilariously, our similar tastes strike again. I just ordered the Catador from SBC before seeing the JW Marshall link and was thinking, I'm going to end up spending a lot of money. Let me know if you want to split a box of the JWs. Also, if this pushes you iver the edge (it did for me) the SBC catadors are 15% off with sbcweekend. I couldn't not buy them.

Well, shit - I sense I will be placing an order on Sunday.......

This sounds like a good-en

Ha! you been pushin that name for about 3 years now... glad to see it come to fruition...

Tiger City Soft Paws up next...

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws - Rolled by Roma Craft, San Andres wrapper, with 100% Green River Sucker One filler.  Burns like shit, but enough nicotine to last Logan hours MINUTES




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