Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to the site and am loving what I see so far. At the moment, I'm an over-the-road truck driver so it's kind of hard to say where I'm from. In April I plan to lay down roots in the Big Easy just in time for my son to be born in May.

I've smoked cigars on and off for the last 20 years, but only starting truly enjoying it over the last 7 or so. I was recently told that I'm a Rocky Patel fanboy, and maybe I am. I honestly don't think I've ever not enjoyed a smoke that he's put out. I suppose if I have to choose a favorite other than Rocky Patel, it would probably be the Alec Bradley Maxx.

Enough about me. Welcome all new friends. Pleasant smokes and long ashes to you all.

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Welcome man! Wow that's nuts, I suppose everyday you are somewhere new? Where are you originally from? Happy Herfing to you! 

Originally from Southern WV. Yeah, everyday it's a new town. After 16 years of it, I'm looking forward to giving it up in April. It makes an old man out of you pretty quick.

Wow, i bet its crazy! Everything comes to an end at one point. You are having a child, so starting a new career ??

It's OK to be a fanboy.  I've been called the same for Fuente sticks :)



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