Rob and I just started Layne Coffee Co. Check it out.

Any questions, hit us up.

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Mmmm, it's good.  Get you some.

Dark Roast is tasty! Gotta try some single origin too. 

The Ethiopian Mesela G1 is very good.  I can't decide which I like more, that or the Dark Roast.

I have some El Dorado and some Junin on the way.

Just broke in our French Press with some Nica El Dorado from the sampler.

Who is Rob?

Haha! The artist formerly known as Pairings Sharer!

You owe me a new keyboard.


Will there be a way to find out what kind of coffee we received in the free sample? Sample #1 was great and I would like to order a full bag when/if it becomes available.

I'm waiting for that reveal also. Sample #1 was very good.

I will reveal it when you are ready :) just kidding. Once I have it in stock I will send out an email too all the people who received this sample and let them know. 


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