I noticed that the CFED store got the Impromptu Stout in stock (5 pack??). These have been on my "buy list" since their release...I think this week I will be grabbing some. I was wondering if they come in those paper/burlap 5 packs? Has anyone grabbed any yet?


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I have not, but I know Rob got some from Tony at IPCPR.

rob did... he gave me some out of a fiver that was wrapped in paper with the stout sticker on them... not burlap tho.... just like a paper back from safeway... like the baitfish...

So how was it???? I saw that New Havana Cigars has them in a hand signed/numbered burlap (something like it) bag/pouch (similar looking to the baitfish). I want to grab some and I have heard good things about them and I know they are Tony's baby...

Did you end up buying them?

I am going to at the beginning of next week (got to add money to the Visa). I have bought so many boxes of Unicos that I spent most of my months cigar fund in 1 week, damn its spendy being Unico season. Now all the Regional Editions from Habanos are coming out so there is another big chunk of change. But I have been wanting to grab these Stouts since they came out and since the CFED store has them I'm going to grab a 5er, hope they last til next week....



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