Anyone have guesses to what my top 1 - 20 will be? Or even the top 10? What about #1?

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Bishops Blend will be in there, Top 7. Yamasa will be 1. CAO Sopranos Redux (whatever its called) will be 2. Protocol Lancero will be in the top 5. Probable Cause will be #3. Most of that came from looking at your photos today which is on the main thing showing under photos if you're using the desktop site. I honestly have no idea. Cuba Aliados Top 10 smoke of the Year.

I could also see Martial Law being on there.

I do like everything Fred blends.

Well the CAO Consigliere, which is the Sopranos Redux, just landed at #25 so great guess. 

Definitely the Recluse Amadeus Habano Reserva, maybe in lancero.

I've only smoked 2 of the Lanceros, but they were both spectacular. If I had done a formal review I feel like it would have landed in my top 10.

Sadly I didn't get around to it and it never made the list :(

Good to hear that they both performed.  I haven't had the lancero, but whatever size I had (Robusto?)  was amazing.  I have a few more stashed and a Toro just arrived from the CA Care Package.  I'll definitely get some lanceros to try.

No idea for #1 but agree with Martial Law being in the top 10 and also Herrera Esteli Miami...maybe in top 20?

I have to assume Protocol Lancero at 1 and The Upsetters Django at 2.

The D is silent!

Marshal Law, Miami and Tabernacle
Martial Law top five.



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