Any of you Scandalous Deflatables want some. First one who speaks up. I got a 5er on my Falcons. #RiseUp #ATL

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This offer will expire @ 1600 EST.

I'll bite.  

You're the best!



US Postal box..check

Sorting my humidors..check

Not looking so good at half time..check

Feeling like we won already...scribbled out the check
Huge amounts of wtf
PM me your addy

I am a fan of neither team, but this is the greatest string of messages ever!!!  What a game!!  If that f***** would have been half that good at Michigan we would have had 2 National Titles!!!!

What a game!

Who would have guessed that outcome after the first half. What a game.

Thanks Atllogix.  Looking forward to these!!

Nice one, ATL, and way to go for the underdog, Harley ;)
That Room101 Master 2 is looking extra delectable.



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