Next stop Nicaragua. Have fun talking shit about me while I am gone. Seth will be backing me up on CigarChat this week. Also, there may or may not be a huge contest this week that might give away NINE boxes of cigars. Found out Monday.

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Safe travels buddy!  Look forward to the trip reports.

Have a great trip, Logan!

If you get to Ometepe and Santa Cruz, Find the hostel, Little Morgans and say hi to Lexie and Aaron and meet Mr Bojangles our parrot.. 

Have fun! I hope they let you back into the US.  I may or may not have bribed the officials.........

Godspeed my friend, have fun man

why is everyone so nice to him?  I hate you for getting to go to Nica while i am stuck in 7 degree weather and snow.  I hope you get Montezuma's Revenge! 

Let's see....I'm going to bet having a concurrent contest for NINE BOXES of cigars, might just be bringing out the 'good' in everyone. ;) Similar to children in December. :P

Now, see... When I first read the heading... I thought maybe you were begging for tootsie pops, or maybe going on a diet or something. "I am out of suckers for the next week."



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