This is soooo good. taste just like root beer! could be a bad thing!

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Sounds tasty! I like the glass too

Yea when your drinking it at work it could be a bad thinglol "What are you drinking TJ?" "Oh its just Root BEER, I promise"....

I know a lot of people like to drink/pair root beer with their cigars but I find it to be overly sweet and it drowns out the flavors of the cigar, its great when you just smoking a straight forward spicebomb I guess.

ohhh.... very interesting

Oooh...I just heard about this yesterday.  Distribution to NJ begins June 1st.  Apparently, they have a 10.7% version that is even better too

just saw a note today from the local liquor store saying that the 10% are in 22oz growlers and special occasions. they might be able to get them. and then it said that very rare and some craft beer bars have a 20%!

I just looked and you're right - a 19.5%!!



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