hi ive got my humidor set at around 24 degrees celsius and around 65 - 66% humidity could any one please tell me if this setup is about right thanks

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Generally, humidity is between 65-70%. Most people try to keep it at the 70% mark with 70 degrees F. I run mine slightly drier...63% range. But some people think this is cigar heresy. :)

I keep all of my humidors at 65% (using 65% beads & electronic humidifiers), and the temp at whatever the house is....don't yet have a temp-controlling humidor.  Yet.

24° C is about 75° F if I do my math correctly.  That is the upper limit for keeping any beetle eggs from hatching.  If it creeps up any warmer than that, any eggs that might have made it through the process in your cigars will hatch...then you've got a problem.

My humidor stays at a constant 70 degrees, and 64-66% Humidity (Humidor is in my basement, so its cooler) All of the cigars in my humidor burn very well, and are very tasty. I only catch a bad Gar every now and then.

The one I have the hardest time with is the one I keep in the truck with me. I use a drymastat tube in it, but sometimes I have to pull it out for a few days. The humidity in smaller travel humidors is hard to stay on top of when you're in a different climate every day. I shoot for 65-70 and pray for the best. 

I have one of those Herf-a-dor travel case that holds 5 sticks ( girlfriend calls it my purse lol ) It has the little round green thing in the middle, I usually put a few squirts of the liquid on it when it seems to get dry. I usually put 2-4 sticks in it to last me a day or 2, and they all burn great!

Use the two-way Boveda envelopes in your travel case.  They put humidity out AND absorb it when it get's too humid.  You can get them in different humidity ranges [65, 69, 72, 75] and they can lay right on top of your cigars.  Works like a charm.

Dr. Cigaro - you're right, those things are money! We carry them, and I recommend them to everyone who needs help in this area. Also, we are about to start supplying cigars to a few golf courses and putting the small ones in bags with the cigar... keeps them fresh for 1 year!

I would say you should keep the temp. around 70 degrees and the humidity anywhere from 68%-72%. This is what most people usually do, and I have to say, I agree. my cigars are always fresh!



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