I started discussing this in chat with Cigar Surgeon yesterday, but I thought a thread would be better for pictures sake.

I've got a Tower of Power with a Cigar Oasis Magna.

I initially had the CO on the bottom, but was having trouble with the drawers getting up to about 74% RH in order to get above the drawers to 65%.  I moved the CO to the upper section, which resulted in 65% in the drawers, but ~58% below the drawers.

Last week, I realized that I had the CO in backwards (>.<), and I built this rig for the CO's aux fans(which run on and off when the CO isn't actively humidifying) and a 40mm fan that runs continuously at a reduced speed(eventually need to time this). 

 Right now, I'm getting 67% in the drawers, and maintaining 65% below, which I'm happy with.  John mentioned that he can school me, but anyone else can feel free to chime in if you've got any advice.

My eventual goal is to move the humidification unit to either to top or bottom, so that I can actually use the rest of the space, but so far, I haven't found any other configuration that maintains acceptable humidity.

Additional pics:

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I used a small Hydra for a while in my converted gun cabinet, but the thing leaked like a sieve, so it was constantly running and never hitting 65%, and finally burned out the motor.

Alright guys, it turns out that there were some leaks around the seams of the door, where it wasn't locking up when closing.  I made a duct tape-gasket around the edges of the door, so it's sealing well now.  

This morning, I moved the CO to the bottom, with the aux fans blowing upward, and turned off the continuous fan for now, since it seems to cause more issues than it helps without a timer.

I'll report back in a couple days once things even back out.

I'm curious what you had it set at when you had it on the bottom and where was the sensor thing that regulates?

I would put that thing on the bottom, set it so that the drawers are pretty even at 68.  Give it some time - like a week or so.  Humidity rises, so it may take a while for it to work through the drawers.  And as bad as it will suck - I would run that thing for at least 2 weeks like that without any cigars in it - a re-season. 

My humidor is the same principle.  I have my humidification running on that ground.  I have 52mm computer fans above the door - one pointing up and one down.  I ran that shit at 75% for a month before cigars were introduced and now keep it at 70% in the winter (dryer months) and 65% in the summer.  I also have a wine ac unit (coolr) mounted above the door and it holds it at 65 degrees year round.

It's been set at 65-68 the whole time.  When the humidification was at the bottom, the sensor was just above the drawers, and above the sensor never seemed to get much humidity, which is why I switched things around.  I just scored a broken but sealing wine cooler, so if things aren't looking good in a week, I'm going to toss everything in there for the time being, and re-season the tower for a couple weeks.

I am new to this forum, but 2 words for you. Heartfelt beads! They are fantastic, spritz with distilled water and forget about it. 2 way humidification, they release and absorb moisture depending on the conditions, have used for a few years, 65% beads are my preference. Google them, you will become a believer

Oh wow! That is a HUGE space not being used...you must figure something out, maybe its a new unit built for larger towers? I have a Wineador that has its own humidification device and fan, the humidification is at the bottom and the fan evenly circulates 65%.... and for my tupperdors I only use Boveda. I try and maintain 63-65% throughout the entire unit but 65-67% is about perfect for that much room not being used (or in general).

If your drawers are ventilated or have slots the humidity should be the same through the humidor if your unit is on the bottom...unless the fans aren't working properly? 



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