I started discussing this in chat with Cigar Surgeon yesterday, but I thought a thread would be better for pictures sake.

I've got a Tower of Power with a Cigar Oasis Magna.

I initially had the CO on the bottom, but was having trouble with the drawers getting up to about 74% RH in order to get above the drawers to 65%.  I moved the CO to the upper section, which resulted in 65% in the drawers, but ~58% below the drawers.

Last week, I realized that I had the CO in backwards (>.<), and I built this rig for the CO's aux fans(which run on and off when the CO isn't actively humidifying) and a 40mm fan that runs continuously at a reduced speed(eventually need to time this). 

 Right now, I'm getting 67% in the drawers, and maintaining 65% below, which I'm happy with.  John mentioned that he can school me, but anyone else can feel free to chime in if you've got any advice.

My eventual goal is to move the humidification unit to either to top or bottom, so that I can actually use the rest of the space, but so far, I haven't found any other configuration that maintains acceptable humidity.

Additional pics:

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I was using 3-4 lbs of beads, and wasn't getting the results I wanted, so I switched to a Hydra that I had and wasn't using and a friend built me some fans. I have the Hydra & a fan on the very bottom, and a fan up on top blowing up into the circular hole in the top & mine is staying at 68% with no issues at all.

Excuse my ignorance, but what's the purpose of the hole at the top?  Is that how the analog hygrometer is able to measure humidity?

Yeah, as far as I can tell, it's just there to get air to that hygrometer.

I cannot help since this is a problem I don't have...though I wish I did. I am interested in what others, including Surgeon, have to say, since I hope one day to have a cabinet.

Same here.  I'm overflowing my current storage and I don't like to buy things twice so I'm looking for more storage.  I like to futureproof from the beginning, if possible.

That's where I'm currently at.  I need to just go ahead and pull the trigger on a large cooler.  The humidors and tupperador are overflowing. 

Have you contacted Cigar Oasis with the issue?

I have not.  that probably wouldn't be a terrible idea though.

BTW I didn't realize that the Petemas thing was a sticker....need to put mine on my fridge

I had no idea those CO units were that freakin' big.

This is the Magna, which is the biggest one they make.  It's pretty much made for anything from a 1500 count small tower to a 10k count walk in.



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