I was making my daily rounds of cigar blogs and I always, always stop over at Seth's Humidor. When I dropped in it sent me over to Go Daddy saying "NOTICE: This  expired on 7/11/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion." 

SETH YOU NEED TO GET ON TOP OF YOUR BLOG (So I can read one of my all time favorite cigar reviewers).

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It's working for me right now.

Me too.

I think it's when you do not type in the www. in front. 

Thats very odd, it did work when I did the www in front but why would it not work when I type it like I always do?

I think it has to do with the domain and redirection settings.  If it is not set up to redirect the without www to with www then it will throw up that error.  Same with the habanos sister site of here.



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