So, my wife's family knew that I've become increasingly interested in beer and potentially brewing my own recently, so for Christmas, they got me a kit and all the utensils to start homebrewing (for a beginner).  On New Year's Day, I cooked my first batch.  After 2 or 3 days, I took out the tubing and replaced with the airlock as seen above.  I'm set to begin bottling, but I figured I'd ask you guys some questions.

Wednesday is 2 weeks since I made this batch, but I didn't put the airlock in place until Friday or Saturday of that week.  Should I plan on bottling Wednesday, or should I wait until the weekend?

Also, as you can see, I have a pretty decent sized yeast cake at the bottom.  Someone told me to put this in the fridge to solidify the yeast cake and make bottling easier.  Should I do this? When?

I know these are some beginner questions, but this is my first try.  I know lots of you are homebrewers - what do you have to show off?

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I took about 4 days before mine really cleared up using gelatin.  Or course, it could have been that I was pulling from the bottom of the keg to where all that stuff was dropping.

Black IPA, krausen dropped and poured. It's been coming out a little overcarbed, I'm not sure what happened, but it's pretty tasty. A little heavier/darker than I'd prefer for this season, but still good. 

Good color and head on that brew!

Bonus picture of my newly configured tap list monitor. Still needs tieded up. 


that is badass!

Yeah, that's pretty awesome. I love the idea of kegging, and not screwing up the priming and blowing up bottles. Or worse, having a bottle look fine, until you crack it open and the entire bottle foams out the top.

that is a wicked set up... nice 

Thinkin about making something like this



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