I'm Eric...the CIGARtist....I live in central NYS. I am an addictions counselor at an inpatient rehab. I am a painter and a cigar lover. Happy to be on board here! Look for my page "Whitfield Art" on FB and "like" it! I look forward to discussions and general BS here at the Federation!

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Eric Whitfield said:

Look for my page "Whitfield Art" on FB and "like" it!


Done!  My wife is creeped out by the pic, but I'd love to commission a painting of my avatar w/Carlito.  I love your painting style - especially that painting of Jon Huber.  Maybe I'll convince her....

LOL...it is a lil creepy BUT it's f****** rad, man! I love it. Thanks a lot, bro. And keep me posted on that painting! i am always happy to arrange payment plans... ;)

What's up, brother?   Fancy meeting you here!   LOL!

Bill!! Hey, bro!! great to see you, man!

Legit work Brother!

Thanks, bro! Glad folks are diggin it!

Welcome Brotha!!

Welcome to the federation



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