Most who've been around here for any amount of time remember the raffle that was held several months ago.  Most of you also know that the initial wave of funds generated from that were used to purchase a wheelchair for a little boy (Erison) whose parents couldn't afford one.  They were tying him into a plastic lawn chair and carrying him from place to place, wherever they needed to go.  On my most recent trip down, I got to meet him and his family.  I started going through pictures today, and thought I'd post a pic up showing you his new chair.  All who participated have no idea the burden they've helped to lift from this family.  Good stuff, man.

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Replies to This Discussion direct proof that I do a little semi-manual labor on occasion, here I am painting at the building Project Manana was able to purchase in part due to the remaining proceeds raised during the raffle....

This is amazing! Everyone associated with Cigar Federation and all of those who donated to the cause should be very happy with what we were able to accomplish!

I am eagerly anticipating organizing the 2nd Annual Raffle for Project Manana!

Same here

Good stuff! We should send him a CigFed sticker to put on that thing! BADASS EAGLE POWERS!

It is great to be a part of something like this, Cheers!



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