Brandon from west Michigan here, 32 yo male nurse (murse) long time cigar smoker here. 

Been a fan of CigarFederation YouTube reviews and Stogie geeks show. So I thought Id join up. Big fan of Camacho cigars, also Joya de nicaragua , Punch, CAO Amazon, others.

Just started trying some more expensive boutique brands like tatuaje. New cigar lounge just opened in town so am able to study on my laptop and enjoy a smoke without stinking up apartment and making gf mad.

Really enjoy the site and reviews thanks

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Hey Brandon - welcome to the Fed.  Glad to have you join us. Please check out the site and let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome Brandon....wish I could smoke in the house.

Hey thanks. Wish I could smoke in house too. Thats why I dig cigar lounge especially once winter rolls around

Ahhh lol I took your post as you can smoke indoors it just pisses off the womern.

Welcome Brandon!

Welcome aboard Brandon! Glad to have you here. There's a lot of stuff to check out here. And just way too many ways to weasel boutique cigars. lol

Welcome to the community.

Welcome! Where in West Michigan? I lived in GR for three years, and another active member still resides there. 

Thanks. Yeah, I'm in GR too

What's the new lounge? I was a regular at Tuttles,

Grand River Cigar.... They're actually closed while they move, They just moved to a new location down town and should open back up soon. On Fulton across from fountain st church

They opened while I lived there, and I only went a couple of times. Was a tad overpriced in comparison to some of the other spots. Plus, Tuttles was closer and a bit more accessible for me. Hope the new location works out for those guys. 



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