A cello'd single from a bundle

A box of Tienda Exclusiva

About to smoke my first "official" release

The Party Begins - Barrister, Willy, Matty Rock, Peter Totaro, and KMack

The Governor

Sam Morales, Jersey Jay & Mario Takeyama

The Governor with Willy Herrera and The Barrister

JD & The Barrister

BaitFish Gary & Peter Totaro

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curious to hear your thoughts. if you are able, I'd be willing to work a trade for a few...send me a message if interested. 

I've smoked many of them, so I'll be curious if any other reviews make it out there.  I think they are very good.

Very excited to try them.

Well my idea to trade for one of those snazzy t-shirts was an epic fail.

Couple of additional items (and I'll add more pictures as time allows!)...

  • The cigar is a 4 7/8 x 46, I believe.
  • I asked Willy for blend details, but he told me they are keeping it "hush-hush". I told him the FedHeads wanted to know, but he said he couldn't share.  My guess is that it has a Mexican San Andres wrapper, but that is just a guess
  • I was at the shop a little before 2, and the crowds began to arrive as early as 4:30 though the event started at 6
  • There were some Undercrown Flying Pigs available early in the day, but they went fast.  See my post elsewhere about my thoughts.
  • KMack and Big Willy showed up between 4:30 and 5 and I think a few boxes might have started to be sold shortly thereafter
  • I asked how many boxes were available, and was told the number was being kept quiet.  Several boxes were put out to begin the event, and whenever the table got low, staff retrieved more from the back so I have no way to gauge how many were made
  • I can tell you that I heard that by 6:15 (15 minutes after the event technically started), over half the supply was already sold.  Seems realistic as there was a steady line at the register every time I looked
  • I left around 8:30 (the event was scheduled until 9), and there were a few boxes still on the table and potentially more in the back.  I'd be surprised if it was not a total sell-out, but it wouldn't hurt to call Barrister today if you wanted to try to score any leftovers. Not sure if they will ship, but I'm sure I can provide some help if there are some available
  • Boxes were being sold for $130, and I believe bundles were being sold for the same (not positive on that).  I also saw bundles being broken down and sold as singles
  • Around 6:45 or so, JD pulled up with Sam Morales, Mario Takeyama and BaitFish Gary
  • The regular local cigar community socialites were there - Matty Rock, Peter Totaro, Juan Cancel, Jersey Jay, etc. - all great dudes
  • I saw Dean from Epic Cigars as I was leaving, but didn't have a chance to speak to him
  • In typical fashion, there was a line halfway through the store to talk to JD
  • Barrister isn't a massive shop, but it wasn't uncomfortably crowded at any point as people were in the back, in various parts of the main area, and outside.  It was crowded enough, though, that, as I left, I ran into a regular outside who didn't even realize I was there even though I had been there all day.  I highly suggest checking out the shop if you're ever in the area
  • Had a long conversation with Sam Morales about things coming from Drew Estate (including the Diplomat App) and about what we're doing here at Cigar Federation.  Drew Estate has greatly supported myself and all of us at Cigar Federation, and I/we thank them incredibly for it.  I'm really eager for this Diplomat app to hit the public because I think it will be a fun and unique tool
  • Mario told me they were in Pennsylvania earlier in the day, came to NJ for the event, had Juan Cancel's event on Thursday, and then were heading to Japan for a week - grueling schedule there
  • The cigar itself - I'll avoid a thorough review (at least for now because it was my 4th cigar of the day), but I found it to be similar to the Herrera Esteli (perhaps the name association made me make the comparison), but a bit more powerful - solid medium-full - and a bit chocolatey.

I think that's all that comes to mind now.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Good looking out Matt, I think you answered it all! I'm sure those cigars will be gone by today or tomorrow (if there still around)....they will be a hot item in the years to come if they truly are a "one and done" like JD says...

I can't say as I'm not in the internal workings, but I will tell you that the Tienda Exclusiva "initiative" was explained to me as...

* Several stores a year will receive a Tienda Exclusiva

* Each will be a one and done



There are extremely limited boxes left for shipping today. If interested please call 908 964 3000. Thank You.

I am a 5 pack kind of guy, I think I would rather have a 5 pack of them rather than a box. The only boxes I buy are CC's and Dirty Rats/L40s.



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