Hey guys,

We've been running the show for a while and we'd love to hear your ideas. What cigar or pairing would you like to see?

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I've heard that port wine is a good pairing for cigars but have not experimented with it much.
Pair the next sotm...whatever it is.
A couple other suggestions: rye whiskey and porters


Mmmm porters.

Porters & Stouts oh my!

I haven't seen all the shows, so hopefully I'm not duplicating. With the holiday season approaching, a port wine or other dessert wine show would be interesting. A warm beverage show for winter. Hard cider is growing support. What about snack food like pretzels, chips and what not.

red Wine?

I've heard port wine, too. I have a bottle, but haven't opened it yet.

I find Tawny port to be a nice compliment but in general I prefer non alcoholic drinks. With that in mind, I'd recommend cream soda. My outside the box suggestion would be white cherry Gatorade...surprisingly good with cigars.


I hadn't had Port in years. It was the stage between red wine and brown liquor. Port was always good with chocolate or walnuts so it should pair easily.
With the cold weather hitting Canada, how about a hot toddy, hot cocoa, or spiced cider so Surgeon doesn't freeze?

We talked about doing a hot cocoa show ...



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