Hey ya'll, so here's a little about myself. I had my first premium while on deployment back in 2009 and since then I've always had an affinity towards quality rolled tobacco. As I stand right now, I tend to be drawn toward the boutique brands. I love Tats, Warped, and Padrons (although not boutique). That being said, I'm looking forward to being apart of the Cigar Federation Community.

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Welcome to The Federation, Roderick!

Thank you so much for the love Jeff!

Greetings Roderick and thank you sincerely for your service. Lots of great folks here and with your affinity for boutique cigars, you should be right at home!

Hey, thank you so much for the love Jeff, I truly do appreciate it! And judging from your comment I am beginning to believe that you are right brother! 

Welcome, Roderick. With those faves, I think you found the right place. Any particular smokes from those brands (or others) that you're drawn to?

Thank you so much brother! As far as the Tats go, to be honest I have yet to experience everything that Pete Johnson has to offer. But if I was to pick, I believe I'm a simple man in that I find the Brown Label Havana Cazadores and the PCR to be my favorite. As far as Warped or Padron is concerned, I feel you can never go wrong with a La Hacienda or Padron 2000 or 1964. 

Ohhhh, nice smokes all.
Welcome brother. Thanks for your time and service. You've got a few Brother's In Arms that share the love of the leaf with you. The Fed is a chill place, with lots of drama, and bashing. Well no drama and bashing but it is definitely a chill place and a great place to be. Welcome again.

Hey, thank YOU for currently putting up the good fight brother, my hat is off!!! And yeah, I've noticed that a lot of brothers share this same love, both on the Enlisted and Officer side of the house. Cigar Fed definitely seems like a great place. Thank you again for showing love brother!!

Welcome to the Fed!  Like everyone has said, this is a great place that offers you a drama free and laid back environment.  We've got people from all experiences of cigar enthusiast, that are always willing to share their thoughts.  

As a retired vet, I thank you for your service and you will find this a very military friendly community, that has active duty members and vets alike.  Not to mention the great support from our civilian botl/sotl as well.  

I'm a big fan of those three companies you mentioned, as well as, RoMa Craft.  You are in good company here.  ;)

Hey, thank you for the the warm welcome Doug! Yeah, the Fed seems like a great place, it's pretty awesome to know that people from all walks of life are able to come together under the umbrella of a shared hobby or passion.

Thank you for your service brother, my hat is definitely off to you and your service! Thats awesome, I've found that the community as a whole is very supportive of both active and veteran BOTL/SOTL. My local B&M goes beyond what I would call great customer service, by personally getting to know their active duty or veteran customers by name and face. 

Yesir, IMO you really can't go wrong with those three, Roma Craft is a brand that I am still trying to get a feel for though. So far I'm not disappointed! Thank you again for the love brother!



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