Hi guys!

Some of you may know me as philter451 over on reddit.  Thought I would say hello and join in the fun.   Can't wait to start attending cigar chat more often. 

Also if anybody here is in the Boulder area of CO feel free to hit me up sometime for a smoke!

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Hey Phil - welcome to CigFed.  What have you been smoking lately?

Last week it was an MB3 Torpedo, Four Kicks, and a FFP.  Seemed like a good week for some good smokes.

Hey there you are. Thanks for the kind words on reddit yesterday. Hows it hanging?

Like a champion Logan. It hangs like a champion.  I am in a temporary position to see if my company wants to promote me.  Evaluation is going well so hopefully by the end of the month I land the job.

Well best of luck. Let me know how it turns out. Where do you work?



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