Hi guys, my name is Tony. You might know me as SleevePlz elsewhere. I've been involved in the cigar world for a couple years now. Learned about this site from Rob and Dustin. Looking forward to getting to know all of you and learning a thing or two. Thanks for having me :)

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Hey Tony - glad to have you! Let us know if there is anything we can help with.

Where you from? Favorite cigar/vitola?

I'm from the Great State of Michigan. I'm rather fond of everything LFD/LItto. Also really enjoy Padrons, Kelner-blended sticks, DPG's stuff, you know, the good stuff. I prefer lanceros, lonsdales, coronas. However my favorite stick is an LFD Salomon, so go figure.

Seems like we have lots in common, and you'll fit in great here! Thanks for joining us.

Hi Anthony, nice to meet you - welcome aboard!

Good to see you here Tony, welcome brother.  Let me know what you think of that Regius when you get to it.

Of course you're from Michigan - only Michiganders like the Tigers! I know this is a cigar forum, but I miss Michigan for the beer! So many craft breweries! Lived in Monroe for 12 years, and tried to hit every brewpub I came across. Unfortunately, I wasn't really into cigars while there, and so missed out on the lounges in the Detroit metro area.

Welcome tony..

Good to see another familiar face Tony.
Welcome sleeve!


Sup Tony?

Sup. Really busy. Need to find more time for cigars and cigar forums.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Hope to get more involved in the near future!



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