I am happy to announce that I am now a proud father to a healthy baby boy. Zyler Jiyu Frye was born today 27th April 2015 @ 1230PM weighing in at 6lbs 14oz. This was and is such an amazing moment in my life, I have never felt anything remotely close to it. WOW!!!

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Amazing, congrats sir! best feeling ever

Congratulations on your healthy baby! There is no other blessing like it. And like TJ said, enjoy every little moment because time really flies by. It's a new kind of love and vulnerability like no other experience can offer. Revel in it brother.
Congrats Garron!
Congrats brother. They grow quick so take in as much as you can. Enjoy the greatest blessing one can recieve.

Congrats Bro!!!

congrats brother!!!

Thank you all!

Its a "MINI ATL"!

Yes Indeed!

Beautiful! Children are always a blessing, Congrats.



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