I picked up a Sencillo Edicion Limitada 2013 Esteli Piramide 60 and couldn't find any reviews on this cigar. It is made by God of Fire/Prometheus under the Sencillo name. The size is identical to the Feral Flying Pig, it uses a Nic. Habano Viso wrapper/ Nica fillers. Here is a picture attachment below.

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I have only had the Sencillo Black, which are very tasty/.

This is a Sencillo Black Edicion Limitada Esteli 2013, it is like the Flying Pig version of it with extra special leaves used for the filler/binder/wrapper.

I see, nope I have not had them......sounds tasty though

I haven't smoked them, but I've seen them over at Corona Cigar.  As a sidenote, unlike other Fuente-made God of Fire offerings, the Sencillo is made by Camacho I believe.

Yes Kip you are right. But the Sencillo Black and Sencillo Limited Edition Esteli is made in Nicaragua by the Plasencia's.

This cigar is super good, rich with stone fruit/berry sweetness, leather, creamy/smooth, a slight pepper on retro. very balanced and very good construction/performance. I am glad I bought this cigar, will do so again.

from my Prometheus product brochure:


Sencillo Black 2013 Limited Edition (Esteli)
Pirámide 60 (60 x 5 1/2), CG-9B06
MSRP $8.95
Filler:Viso Habana Condega, Ligero Habana, Ligero Japala
Binder:Viso Habana Honduras abd Viso habana Esteli
Wrapper:Viso Habana Jalapa
Sold in boxes of 10 cigars

Sencillo Platinum 2013 Limited Edition (Danli)
Gran Toro 56 (56 x 6), CG-9007
MSRP $8.95
Filler: Generoso Corona and Ligero Piloto
Binder: Corojo Sol
Wrapper: México San Andrés Negro

Sencillo Black Piramide 60 and Sencillo Platinum Gran Toro 56

Creating a blend that is both intensely flavorful and easy to smoke has always been a challenge. Yet this character is exactly what the Sencillo brand has always been striving to embody. For the last two years, we made a number of different blends and sampled them. Refined them. Then sampled again. This spring, we realize that we have something very special, which we would like to share with our fellow cigar lovers.

We are proude to present our 2013 Limited Resease of the Sencillo Black Piramide 60 and the Sencillo Platinum Gran Toro 54, which have our inimitable blend of full body and smoothness. Yet both have an unmistakable identity all their own. The Piramide 60 is made in Esteli, Nicaragua, from tobaccos grown in the surrounding area. The Gran Toro 64 is made in Danli, Honduras, from tobaccos local to that region. Even though only 80 miles separate the two towns, the soils are substantially different--and so is the tobacco.

We recommend you try both of these new takes on Sencillo’s masterful blends, for a “tour de taste” of Central America’s finest flavors


they make it sound good, I might have to swing back into 82nd this afternoon...

This was a very good smoke, it never made it over the medium mark in strength but was full of flavor. The construction was spot on perfect in every way(draw,burn,ash,smoke production). I only let it rest 3 days in my humi and it was fine. They have 3 left but they aren't a big seller so they won't be gone.

FWIW I really wanted to get one of these today. 
I passed it up, I just can't do a 60rg anymore.

I know what you mean but the tapered head helps it be more comfortable. I hate 60rg cigars but if they are in a perfecto shape they are good.



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